Card Updates and Rarity Changes Coming Soon! (Shocking Wamasu & Mantikora) – September 2016

A new patch will be coming this week, along with some bug fixes are some updates to rarities and a couple of cards!

The Arena Changes

Generally speaking, we’re fairly happy with Arena health, as all ten class options have reasonable winning percentages. Classes with Intelligence and Agility generally have the highest win rates, and classes with Strength generally have the lowest. We believe the quality of common cards is the biggest factor in these numbers, so we’re doing a number of rarity swaps to help bring in those outer edges:

We’re also changing Shocking Wamasu so it can no longer deal its 4 damage to the opponent. We realize that this card is not played a lot in constructed play, but in Arena it’s a dominant force, and we believe it will still be a good card in Arena. Just not quite as shockingly game-ending for Intelligence decks that already have access to an action (Lightning Bolt) that can go face for 4 damage.

The Constructed Change

The change we’re making for constructed is to change Mantikora. Its power level is a little bit too high and, just as importantly, the experience of playing against is too brutal because there’s no clear way to play around it. So the change we’re making is to have its destruction ability only target creatures in its own lane. With this change, the card will still be strong (as it’s intended to be!) in many situations, but it won’t be the “cure all” tempo turn-around for certain situations, such as blocking out a 4/4 in one lane while destroying a 10/10 in the other lane. With this new text, opponents who suspect an incoming Mantikora can spread out their forces to avoid complete devastation, which is a play pattern that aligns with how one plays against two other powerful Willpower cards: Dawn’s Wrath and Immolating Blast.

Note that we’re still evaluating other aspects of constructed and more changes are likely coming, but we’re taking more time to analyze those changes before rolling them out.


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